Saturday, March 31, 2012

Paper Pope Hats

Since the Pope wears a hat that looks like the paper hats the people at Dick's Last Resort made for us, they should write witty, jack-assery things on the Pope's hat, like they do at Dick's.  For example, mine said "I miss prison sex."  My lady friend had one that said "So easy a caveman could do me."  It's hilarious.  The Pope could have a new one every day, so his subjects, or mind slaves, or minions, or whatever the F they're called, could have a good laugh throughout the day.  Lord knows their lives are a joke.  What, you think they really think about God, and commune with him?  HA!  Not dressed like that, I would say.  If I were God, I would think you people have some serious issues.
The Pope's hat could say stuff like, "For the record, I don't molest children anymore."  or "I have had too much of Christ's blood."  Or, "Virgin mother, huh?  Ya we'll go with that."  or "Jesus... I am your Father!"  "I farted a few times, and the smell is collecting under this robe-dress."  "This is my creepy face."  "I've fallen and I can't get up."

I could just go on and on.  If you can think of some good jokes to put on the Pope's silly tall hat, write them in a comment.

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