Sunday, March 18, 2012

My Top Ten Ideal Women

All of us have our favorite fantasy characters, like girls from my generation may have at one time been in love with Indiana Jones, while a generation before, they were all in love with Han Solo (which is understandable, since there are certain haunting similarities), or maybe Bogart in years past... Supergeek dudes would bone Sigourney weaver because she was in the Alien movies, or Buffy the Vampire Slayer, because they are into dominatrix chicks, or something.  Here is my attempt at idealizing 10 infamous female figures, without sounding too lame.  These are the women I would TOTALLY DO:

1. Agent Dana Scully.  (I'm simply in love with her.  I want her to investigate me.)

2. Lindsay Lohan.  (She's cute, and has the best coke.)

3. Madeline Albright.  (Because wrinkles get me off, and anything is better than Hillary.)

4. Mariah Carey.  (One word:  "hips.")

5. Oprah.  (Of course.  Why not?  What list of women would be complete without Oprah?)

6. Princess Leia.  (I would chain her to me like Jaba and drool on her til I choke.)

7. Courtney Love.  (Because then I would be Curt Cobain.)

8. Maralyn Monroe.  (If I was alive in her day, I just wouldn't want to feel left out.)

9. Sigourney Weaver in Aliens.  (Don't judge me!)

10. Laura Croft.  (Partly for her outrageous but obviously fake body.  Mostly for her money.)

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