Thursday, May 3, 2012

Paleo Diet Biblical

Thursday, May 3, 2012 at 1:19pm
It has come to my attention that this Paleo Diet which I have begun to embrace is not a brand new idea, but in fact ancient... besides the supposed "caveman" sustinence it implies. Remember the story of Daniel, Shadrach, Meahach, and Abednigo (Babylonian names for Hananiah, Meshael, and Azaria; Daniel's Babylonian pseudonym was Belteshazzar)? You can read about it in Daniel 1 - The Babylonian king recruited the best of the best of Hebrew youths to share in his royalty as high-class servants of the king. He would train them physically and mentally for three years, then select the best of them for these positions. Obviously, these four guys get chosen. But how? It all started with Daniel and his buddies choosing to "not defile themselves with the king's food and wine." Which made sense for them, being Hebrews in service of Babylon. But the choice that propelled them to their high stature was not simply supernatural blessing due to obedience to laws of their religion. It's true that the lion's share of their great fortune came as a direct result of their faith in the Lord. But what started it all? Their diet. The eunich in charge of them was on their side, but a bit worried when they requested none of the meat and wine and goodies the king had to offer, but instead asked for veggies and water and things which can be eaten without cooking. The eunich said that it would look bad on him, in a "you just got executed on the spot" kind of way, if they were to be unhealthy due to this diet. Daniel said "test it for 10 days, then re-evaluate." That sounded acceptable, so it was done. In ten days, they were more healthy, bright, strpng, and energetic than any of their peers. Not just because of some miracle, but because their diet gave their bodies no toxins or excess fat or carbs. After the training was complete and this diet was used, they were top shelf in every way imagineable. That is the potential of Paleo Dieting. I can only hope it works the same for me. I think it will help. I can already feel the specific effects of every individual food i ingest and metabolize. It's a bit trickier with diabetes to manage, too. But I have faith that there is something to all this.

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