Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Desert Adventure (Newt Unleashed)

Hello, and welcome to Newt Unleashed.  I have been making my way accross the country, and seeing things through a civilian eye.  I have to admit, it's cool to be a veteran, though.  Here is a video of some Chinese students I met right on the west side of the Nevada border:


Well, I bounced through Las Vegas, and went to the Grand Canyon.  There are pictures in another post.  But I met this cool chick named Christine at the Canyon, and we had a good conversation and I wish I had gotten more footage with her, since she's super cool, and also a fellow traveller.  But I got a little snippet:

Of course all my loyal readers know that the URL is HAZELNEWT.blogspot.com, not hazel THE newt.  Oh well, right?  Hopefully Christine gets to see this sometime, though.  Anyways, shout out to Christine, hope your travels went well.

Well, I camped at the Grand Canyon National Forest for a weekend:

Then, I took Saturday off, and just hung around and drank a few beers and relaxed.

I drove out on Monday I think, and went through Flagstaff.  Which was nice, but I needed to move on, so I randomly picked Tucson, and went there.
Here is my travel buddy, and maybe this is why the asian girls call me Panda.

This is a random video at the Canyon.

In Tucson, I recorded this love song, called She Wants To Dance:

I also have some videos with the people I have met in Tucson, which will be uploaded soon, and I will make a seperate post for them.  You should look forward to that, because that is some of the GREATEST parts of my travels.  Meeting new and awesome people has been an exciting adventure.  I've laughed, I've practically cried, I've learned, I've loved, I've made some lasting friendships, I can already tell.  And all from going out of my way, getting out of my bubble, and going places.  Right now I'm camping out, since it's free, and just finding ways to get money until my next paycheck comes through.  But I don't worry, man, and when you have other people around, you protect them, they protect you... It's great.  Alot of the people I meet are veterans too, and it isn't easy for them to get by sometimes.  Especially the disabled guys... You get disabled, and the VA will pay you, but often it makes it so you can't work, and you rely on the VA check.  Well, it's not enough to live comfortably, so these guys do what they have to, but somewhere, they experience more freedom than you or I ever really thought you could and barely have anything to your name.  Wait til my next post, when I introduce you to some of these people!

Until next time, Godspeed, and go with Peace.

Hazel Newton

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