Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Great Embark

I thought about calling this the Great Escape.  But that seemed clichet.  In reality it feels about like an escape from the city of Socal.  I cannot wait to get awy from this state.  I'm sorry California... no offense, but you people suck dick! 

I guess being from the east coast, I am used to a higher quality of people.  Californians are disconnected from reality.  They say the east coast gets everything last, but i think it's the other way around.  Californians still have not heard of the concept of OTHER PEOPLE.  They are snobby.  They have their heads up their own asses.  They think the world owes them something.  Why i don't know.  Their cost of living is stupid, they overcrowd the coast,  they have leather skin from too much tanning.  They are not as important or cool as they think they are.  Whete I come from, if you do business with someone, they treat you like you are super important.  It's called CUSTOMER SERVICE, anither thing California hasn't gotten the memo on yet.  They treat you like you don't matter.  You are an inconvenience to THEM, if you want assistance.  "The customer is always right" does not apply in CA. 

Anyways, this is not about California.  That was  tangent... or a rant, as some of us call it.  The truth is I am leaving the service of the U.S. government (which, I can assure you from experience and insider knowledge, does not care about you, the citizen, nor does it have in mind your best interest), and I have no kids, wife, no home, no house, responsibilities... All I have is a future to step into, a life to begin.  I will drive through several states, on a several day long road-trip, and visiting friends along the way.  This will be awesome.  You have heard the saying "it is not the destination that matters, but the journey."  I feel like that is what I am going to experience.  I am more excited about the travels that I will be embarking upon than I am about where I will end up.  So wish me luck on this trip.  It is a dream come true to be able to take off on a journey/road trip like this and see the sights and enjoy the freedom to go where I want and do what I want.  So farewell California, and stuff it.  Hello America, here I come.

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