Monday, April 2, 2012


Hello fellow.
Hazel here, being newty as per usual.  Cause I'm the HNIC, Head Newt In Charge.
I am here to talk to you today about anti-depressants.  In specifics, the ones that I'm taking.  Have you ever felt like you couldn't shake a sense of hopelessness and despair?  That was me over the past couple years.  It got pretty bad.  So now I am on something called "Welbutrin" and it seems to be working pretty well.  It is not habit forming, and it doesn't have withdrawals, it is non-narcotic, and all it does is increase the natural internal chemical rewards in your brain.  This gives it an anti-addiction effect too, because whatever chemicals my brain has been conditioned to be rewarded with have less of the same effect.  Like the brain receptors are blocked from those chemicals, and conditioned to accept internal rewards more, which happens on a more constant basis while taking the medicine.  Basically, I can get pleasure from doing things I enjoy more than from random external chemicals.  Pretty cool, because I don't feel constantly depressed any more.  Therefore I enjoy things like writing again.
Thanks to my friend Fahmida for encouraging me to try something to help me and improve the quality of my life, because I owe it to myself to feel good on a regular basis if I possibly can.  I have better control of my moods now, too, so I can freak out and then recover, which is fun.  But I can keep myself from freaking out if I want to.  That's important.
Anyways, I don't encourage any type of drug use if it can be avoided, but if you are a person who is having emotional problems that don't feel right, and maybe you can't control your feelings, and you don't feel like yourself... look into something that might help you feel BETTER, if you can.  Don't take something that makes you have less feelings, but maybe there is something out there that can help you cope with your feelings better and get a better quality of yourself to live with.
All the best.

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